Mobile Test Automation Tools

Utilize a Complete Suite of Mobile Testing Tools for High Quality Testing

The vast array of mobile devices available in the marketplace today means that app developers must work faster, without sacrificing quality, in order to get a bug-free app to market quickly. If, like most developers, you are experiencing a bottleneck because of the time it takes to test your app, utilizing automated testing is the answer. However, you must also be sure you're testing your app on all the different user platforms available. Maintaining this kind of testing infrastructure isn't cheap or easy. At Sauce Labs, we run over one million tests every day, on all the latest browser and OS versions, so you know we can handle your automated testing with the speed and coverage that you deserve.

At Sauce Labs we maintain a state-of-the-art testing grid, complete with emulators, simulators, and real devices that provide fast automated testing across iOS and Android. We utilize Appium, an open source mobile app testing framework, that allows you to test the code you release, whether written in Java, Ruby, Python, Node.js, or any other language. And with Sauce Connect, you can run all your tests from behind your firewall, securely.

Why choose Sauce Labs' mobile test automation tools?

  • Speed - running parallel testing, in the cloud, means your tests are finished in a fraction of the current time
  • Coverage - with hundreds of each real device type, backed up with emulators and simulators means you'll never have to wait for a device to test
  • Security - pristine VMs for every test, and secure firewall tunneling means your data is always secure
  • CI integration - easily integrate automated testing with Sauce Labs into your CI/CD workflow

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