Mobile Test Automation

Get Your Mobile App Testing Done Faster with Automated Testing

Mobile apps today must be error-free, but the amount of competition and the explosion in the number and variety of devices also means they must be developed quickly or risk becoming outdated before they are even released. By automating your mobile app testing you can save immense amounts of time over manual testing, but you still must still ensure that your app works on every user platform on the market. This is no easy task, but with Appium testing from Sauce Labs, you can test your mobile app in the cloud on hundreds of real devices, simulators and emulators to ensure complete coverage.

Appium is an open source testing framework for native and hybrid mobile apps (like Selenium, but for mobile apps). Utilizing the WebDriver API and JSON Wire Protocol, Appium can run tests written in all the common coding languages like Python, Ruby, Node.js, Java, and more. By running tests in parallel you can speed your testing by up to 16x so you can test fast and on more devices than ever.

Why choose Sauce Labs for mobile test automation?

  • Speed - run your tests in parallel and in the cloud to reduce testing time from hours to minutes
  • Coverage - we have all the latest versions of mobile browsers and OS's to ensure your app runs on any user platform
  • Security - our secure TLS technology, Sauce Connect, integrates easily with CI/CD systems
  • Availability - we have hundreds of real devices which are ready to test when you are so there are no queues or reservations necessary

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