Mobile Performance Testing Tools Open Source

Get the Best Mobile App Performance Testing Tools Avaliable

Are you looking for the best automated mobile app testing available? Do you need open source tools to ensure your app is tested appropriately? Mobile apps have their own set of requirements, and thus require specific mobile app testing. Sauce Labs, and Appium, provide just that - the best open source mobile performance testing tools on the market.

At Sauce Lab we use Appium testing for mobile apps and integrate with CI servers like Jenkins, Visual Studio, or Bamboo so you can automate your tests as part of your CI workflow. Write your native, web, or hybrid mobile app in any common scripting language including Java and C# and test the same code you release.  We offer a on our deep selection of iOS simulators, Android emulators, and real mobile devices.

Why choose Sauce Labs for testing your mobile apps?

  • Speed - run tests in parallel across different devices and browsers to compete tests fast
  • No waiting - with a deep selection of real devices there's no waiting, and no reservations necessary
  • Secure - with Sauce Connect - our secure tunnel - you can test apps behind your firewall and securely access your private data

Our mobile testing tools are the best around! Get a free trial today!