Mobile Hybrid App Testing

Top Quality Automated Hybrid App Testing

Need to test your hybrid or native mobile application? Sauce Labs fully supports testing of native and hybrid mobile apps and sites with Appium. Testing in parallel, on over 700 OS/browser combos, in whatever coding language you are comfortable with is the best way to ensure an error-free app gets to market quickly. At Sauce Labs, we understand the testing demands that come with mobile app development, and we strive to deliver the highest quality app testing available.

Sauce Labs is a cloud-based testing service that utilizes Appium, the open source mobile testing framework, to test your native and hybrid app on simulators, emulators, and real mobile devices. Like Selenium, Appium uses the WebDriver API and JSON Wire Protocol, which allows you to run test clients written in virtually any language. By testing in parallel, in the cloud, you get the most secure app testing available, and in a fraction of the time it traditionally takes to test your app manually.

Why choose Sauce Labs for your native and hybrid mobile app testing?

  • Cloud-based - run automated tests in the cloud for fast, reliable results
  • Efficient - scalable testing that integrates with your CI system finds bugs earlier in the development cycle
  • Secure - secure firewall tunneling with Sauce Connect means your data is secure

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