Mobile Functional Testing

As Mobile Apps Gain Popularity, Functional Testing is a Must

Functional testing is used to verify the performance of Web and mobile apps. Traditionally, a dev or QA engineer would:

  • manually test a website by
  • clicking on all of the elements individually, and
  • verifying responses

Failure to catch bugs or links that end in errors can cost companies time, money, and users. The problem is that manual testing is both slow and error prone.  How do you start your tests on a mobile device in the same state every time and perform the same tests in the same order?  It's a tough job, so automation is key to running your functional tests.  With automation you can run the exact same tests in the exact same way again and again to ensure you catch bugs.   And, by doing these tests in the Sauce cloud on simulators or real devices you can be sure that the initial configuration of the device is the same for every test - important for comparing results and catching those pesky bugs.   

At Sauce, we have over 80 iOS simulators, android emulators and a deep selection of real devices to test on.  Let Saucelabs help you implement a mobile functional test that meets your needs today.  Sign up for a FREE trial!