Mobile Device Testing Tools

Get Access to an Extensive Array of Mobile Device Testing Tools

In recent year a large number of mobile app testing tools have been developed to support mobile development. With more companies developing mobile products and a marketplace with an expanding number of mobile devices, platforms, and versions, performing quality testing on your mobile apps is vital. With such a wide array of tools, choosing the right one is vital as each one has different strengths and weaknesses. Sauce Labs supports numerous open source frameworks, including Appium, for all your mobile app testing needs.

Automating your mobile app testing has numerous advantages; speed, coverage, scaling and cost are just some of these advantages. Appium is a top quality mobile app testing tool designed to integrate numerous frameworks and languages so you can test the same app you release. At Sauce Labs, you can write your app in virtually any language and, utilizing Appium, get a bug-free product to the marketplace.

Don't want to sacrifice detail or security? You can also test your app manually through Sauce Labs, and with secure firewall tunneling, your security is assured. Sauce Labs makes mobile app testing fast, easy, and secure.

Why choose Sauce Labs for your mobile app testing needs?

  • Multiple testing frameworks – Utilizing Appium, Sauce Labs supports testing for a variety of open source frameworks such as Calabash, Frank, Robotium, and Selendroid
  • Automated and manual testing – supercharge development using Appium automated testing or fine-tune your app by testing manually
  • Continuous integration – work from your own CI server; Sauce Labs integrates directly with CI systems like Travis or Jenkins

Find the right mobile device testing tool with Sauce Labs today with a free 14-day trial!