Mobile Device Testing Service

Fast and Efficient Mobile Device Testing Service

With their own set of requirements, mobile devices aren’t just desktop emulators. And with an ever-increasing number of platforms and operating systems, testing your apps across multiple devices is more important than ever to get a bug-free product.

Sauce Labs provides both automated and manual mobile device testing which can help produce a bug-free app in a fraction of the time while also allowing for the attention to detail you need. Whether you’re using Appium for native apps, or Selenium for web apps, Sauce Labs is the place to go to ensure those apps are error-free.

Sauce Labs’ cloud-based testing platform provides iOS and Android real mobile devices along with virtual machines (VM) to automate the testing of mobile apps across iOS and Android simulators. With automated testing, apps can be tested concurrently which speeds development while increasing coverage.

Why choose Sauce Labs?

  • Multiple testing frameworks – supports testing for many open source frameworks such as Robotium, Selendroid, and Calabash-Android
  • Automated testing – speed development by running tests in parallel
  • Continuous integration – Sauce Labs integrates directly with CI systems like Travis or Jenkins via an API which allows you to define and call Sauce tests from within the CI
  • Scale - over 750 real devices, mobile simulators and OS / Browser combinations to test with

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