Mobile Device Testing

Fast, Thorough Mobile Device Testing for Mobile Apps

With a proliferation of mobile devices, carriers, platforms, compressed development and release cycles, and a tedious and error prone manual testing process, the importance of automated mobile testing cannot be denied. For today's mobile app developers, a quick release/update cycle is necessary and skimping on testing isn't an option. Supercharge your testing without sacrificing coverage with Sauce Labs.

Sauce Labs cloud-based mobile and web app testing service utilizes the power of Appium, an open source framework that interfaces with any mobile device platform to automate functional tests. With Sauce Labs and Appium you can write your mobile device tests in virtually any programming language including Ruby, Java, PHP, Python, and C #.

Why choose Sauce Labs?

  • Speed - Developers can rely on instant access to automated concurrent cloud-based testing
  • Coverage - With the power and versatility of Appium, developers can test all their native, web and hybrid mobile apps on emulators, simulators, and real devices
  • Security - secure tunneling with Sauce Connect supports testing of pre-production apps, APIs and back-ends
  • Comprehensive - Developers can count on a complete set of analysis tools including video, screenshots, logs and metadata to help quickly identify issues with their apps

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