Mobile Browser Testing Tools

Android and iOS App Testing

Research reveals that nearly 60% of mobile users encounter problems when browsing websites that lead have led them to abandon the page. With a growing number of browsers, it’s imperative that your application performs well across all these browsers. You need the right set of Mobile Browser Testing Tools to get there.

Sauce Labs, the leading cloud-based automated testing platform offers a reliable and secure testing infrastructure that enables users to run JavaScript unit and functional tests. Sauce Labs eliminates the expense of maintaining a test grid. With Sauce Labs, organizations can achieve success with continuous integration and delivery, increase developer productivity and reduce infrastructure costs for software teams of all sizes.

Use Sauce Real Device Cloud to:

  • Test on the Most Popular Devices - Automate your tests across a deep selection of real iOS and Android devices. With over 100 of each type of device, you’ll never have to wait in a queue for your tests to run
  • Optimize your tests - Smoke test your business logic with our emulators or simulators, and then test against our real devices for hardware functions like location, screen actions, sound and Bluetooth
  • Designed for Automation and CI - Our real device cloud is optimized to work with automated CI systems where the emphasis for testing is on speed, scale, and reliability

The Sauce Labs’ Real Device Cloud supports high parallelism, allowing teams to test many functions at the same time. To learn more about our Mobile Browser Testing Tools, sign up for a free trial.