Mobile Browser Testing

Get Automated Browser and UI Testing in the Cloud

With advancements in mobile technology, there also comes a demand for better mobile testing tools to support mobile software development. The ever-increasing variety of mobile devices, OS versions, and browsers, and all the possible combinations thereof, means you need to test your apps thoroughly to ensure they are high quality and bug-free. And don't forget, your app needs to render properly on mobile web browsers too.

Sauce Labs offers cloud based, automated browser and UI testing. With no VMs, browsers or infrastructure, to maintain or install, you can run automated tests faster without hassle, and get your apps to market on time, and within budget. Automated UI testing is a great way to increase test coverage, and efficiently test your app across mobile devices and Web browsers.

You can test your web and mobile applications against 600+ browsers, and OSs and easily debug your code using our videos and screenshots.

Automating mobile browser testing on Sauce Labs, you get:

  • Additional features that make testing quicker and easier
  • Analysis tools like Screenshots, videos, and console logs that help developers and testers identify issues faster.
  • Mobile emulators and simulators which help you smoke test your app faster.
  • Mobile real devices on which to test how your app renders on the devices your customer's use.

Running your automated tests on the Sauce cloud allows you to scale your testing. With Sauce, testing capacity is instantly scalable, so you can accelerate your tests and get your apps to market faster.

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