Mobile Browser Test

Fast, Thorough Mobile Browser Testing

Tablets and mobile devices are becoming increasingly popular. That’s why optimizing your app for mobile devices is extremely important to your business. Sauce Labs is ideal for mobile app testing in a continuous integration workflow, with a focus on reliability and scale. By running tests concurrently across iOS and Android simulators and real devices with Sauce Labs, you can speed your mobile app to market without sacrificing coverage.

Sauce Labs' cloud-based testing solution allows you to easily run automated browser and UI testing on the cloud. With both automated and manual testing options, you can easily debug your code with our comprehensive test reporting, including screenshots and videos. Sauce Labs has loaded virtual machines with the most popular Android, and iOS platforms in the cloud, Sauce Labs allows you to automate your tests across emulators, simulators, and real devices with massive parallelism.

Benefits of running your mobile browser testing with Sauce Labs:

  • Supercharged Testing – Run your tests in parallel to reduce your total test time
  • Automated testing – automate all your tests using the top CI tools like Jenkins, Bamboo, Travis, Team City or Circle CI
  • Access back end databases – test your app in our cloud and have secure access to your backend data and websites for a true end-to-end test.
  • Full Reporting – instant access to videos, screenshots and all the data for your tests so you can analyze your results quickly
  • Enterprise Features – account and team management lets you provision test resources

Run automated mobile browser tests hassle-free today. Get started with a free 14-day trial.