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In today's mobile app world, consumers demand perfection. It's well known that 77% of users abandon apps after 3 tries. So, you need to test your app frequently, daily or more often to ensure it is bug-free and market-ready. You can't rely on manual testing to achieve this kind of quality as it just takes too long. Automated testing is the only way you can test your app across hundreds of different device / tablet platforms to be sure your app runs properly.

Sauce Labs offers Appium testing in the cloud with the JSON Wire Protocol so it can handle any language you throw at it. And with over a million tests run each day, Sauce Labs has the capacity to run any and all of your mobile app tests automatically. With Sauce you can test on as many OSes in parallel as you need to speed your testing by up to 16X, letting you confirm your apps quickly. We maintain hundreds of the latest iOS and Android real devices, emulators and simulators which are always available when you want to test - no waiting and no reservation system needed.

Sauce Labs is the best source for automated mobile app testing because:

  • We offer Appium - simply the best open source app testing framework for mobile apps available
  • We are secure - Sauce Connect, our secure TLS tech, and clean VMs, make sure your tests are secure and accurate
  • We integrate easily with your CI system - we have ready-to-go plugins for your CI system, so you can run tests at your leisure
  • Analysis tools - we have complete analysis tools like videos, screenshots and logs of every test that help you troubleshoot quickly

Get a 14-day free trial with Sauce Labs, and start your automated mobile testing today!