Mobile Automation Testing

Automate Your Appium Testing With Sauce Labs

Is your mobile app testing taking too long? Automating your mobile app testing with Appium is the best way to ensure your bug-free app gets to market on time and on budget. Mobile apps have their own set of rules and requirements so testing them requires a unique framework that can drive mobile devices. At Sauce Labs you can test your iOS and Android apps with Appium, the standard open source framework for automating mobile testing.

Appium, from Sauce Labs, is an open source testing framework that utilizes the JSON Wire Protocol to ensure that your mobile app, in any language, is thoroughly tested against hundreds of devices, to ensure complete coverage. Today's mobile market demands apps that perform error-free on every mobile platform. With Appium and Sauce Labs, you get that coverage for your tests.

Why choose Sauce Labs for your automated mobile testing?

  • Coverage - over 80 iOS and android emulators and simulators and hundreds of real devices
  • No waiting - with hundreds of read devices you can test when you want with no waiting and no reservation system
  • Speed - testing in parallel means that you speed your testing buy up to 10X
  • Security - our secure TSL technology, Sauce Connect, and pristine VMs means clean, accurate tests - every time

Start your automated mobile testing with Sauce Labs today with a free 14-day trial!