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Test With Appium - The Premiere Automated Mobile App Testing Tool

The number and variety of mobile devices is rapidly expanding, and the number of savvy users who demand an error-free product is growing even faster. Releasing an app filled with bugs is a sure fire way to lose users and garner negative reviews - all of which affects your bottom line. Since Mobile apps aren't just copies of web apps, and have their own unique requirements, completely testing your app on all of the different devices is a necessity. However, maintaining your own in-house testing grid is expensive and takes time away from building a better product. At Sauce Labs, we remove the time and cost of maintaining your own testing grid, and with Appium, we offer industry-leading automated mobile app testing.

Appium is a complete, open-source testing platform designed specifically for the unique testing requirements of mobile apps. Like Selenium, Appium is designed to be compatible with virtually any coding language like Ruby, Python, C#, or JavaScript by utilizing the WebDriver API and JSON Wire Protocol. At Sauce Labs we maintain our testing grid with the latest real devices, simulators and emulators, so you know your app will work for all of your users.

Why choose Sauce Labs and Appium for your mobile app testing?

  • Full testing suite - Appium testing provides all the tools you need to ensure a bug-free app
  • Real devices and emulators - test across over 80 emulators and simulators and hundreds of real devices.
  • Complete test reports - get videos, screenshots, and full console logs to find errors and debug faster

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