Mobile Application Testing Tools

Optimize your Mobile App Testing Strategy with the Right Tools

Every mobile app brought to the market must meet stringent quality standards, as failure to catch and fix bugs or rendering errors before release can cost companies productivity, revenue, and user adoption. For mobile app development companies, what is needed is the right mobile software testing tool that fits your requirements and has the capability to test what you need, precisely when you need it.

Sauce Labs arms you with automated mobile application testing tools that get your mobile apps to market within budget and on time. Our cloud-based platform helps developers securely test mobile native, web and hybrid applications across a wide variety of emulators, simulators and real mobile devices to optimize testing time and budget.

Run automated testing as part of your Continuous Integration(CI) process to give developers the power to develop faster, while minimizing their time waiting for tests to complete.

Benefits of automated mobile app testing with Sauce Labs:

  • Speed of Testing – Run a suite of tests in minutes and increase your test coverage - ensuring the release of bug-free apps.
  • Scaling - Using the cloud-testing platform, scale your testing with parallelization to simultaneously run on multiple browsers and devices.
  • Cost - Eliminate the need to buy and maintain your own infrastructure, by using a third party infrastructure.

Mobile app testing on Sauce is powered by Appium, an open source mobile automation framework that automates functional testing for both iOS and Android.

Download the white paper to understand how you can be more productive, using Sauce Labs mobile app testing tools.

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