Mobile Application Testing

Higher Quality Mobile Apps

Getting your mobile applications to market on time and on budget is often a challenge. A comprehensive mobile testing strategy that includes testing on all popular OS/browser combinations, optimized selection of target devices, and an effective combination of manual and automated testing tools is what app developers require. For all of your mobile application testing needs, Sauce Labs is the place to go.

Sauce Labs is a world leading cloud-based testing service that includes testing for native, web and hybrid mobile applications. With Sauce Labs, customers can test their mobile apps across the complete spectrum of emulators, simulators, and real devices, using the Appium framework. To meet aggressive development deadlines, Sauce Labs’ automated mobile testing enables development teams to release higher quality mobile apps, faster and more frequently.

Why choose Sauce Labs for mobile application testing?

  • Versatility - Write tests in the most popular languages and test with Appium
  • Security - Use Sauce Connect, our secure tunnel, to securely run your tests
  • Control - Access a live remote desktop session while your tests are running and take control of the VM to stop and investigate a problem
  • Comprehensive - Get a complete report of your tests with console logs, metadata, and a list of commands and responses, after your tests are completed

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