Mobile App Testing Tools

Functional Testing Across iOS and Android Devices

The number of downloadable apps for mobile devices and the number of devices available are on the rise. To develop quality apps, you need to test on as many devices as possible. There is no room for error, as failure to provide an error-free app can lead to rejection by users, and impact revenues. What you need is an automated mobile app testing tool that can securely test for usability and functionality across a wide variety of devices, OS, and platforms.

Sauce Labs offers you automated mobile app testing tools in the cloud, helping you deliver your mobile applications to the market on time, and within budget. Developers can securely test native, hybrid, and mobile web applications across a wide variety of simulators, emulators, and on physical mobile devices to help ensure error free code.

Benefits of using Sauce Labs mobile app testing tools include:

  • Write scripts in the language you know including Java, Python, Ruby .NET or any other popular language
  • Access a live remote desktop session and manually take control of the VM to check a problem
  • Sauce Connect - our TLS tunnel, lets you securely test apps from behind your firewall.
  • Scaling - Parallelize your tests and run simultaneously on multiple browsers and devices
  • Eliminate cost and maintenance - Using our Appium and Selenium cloud, you can eliminate the need for expensive infrastructure

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