Mobile App Testing Tool

Speed your mobile app testing

Are you looking to automate or expand your current mobile app testing grid? Is your current system too slow or not catching all the bugs? Mobile apps aren't just desktop clones, they have their own set of requirements and parameters, and as such they require a unique set of testing tools to make sure they run smoothly on every user environment. Run your Appium tests on Sauce Labs, the automated mobile app testing powerhouse, to save time and money for native, hybrid, and mobile web app testing.

Appium (dubbed Selenium for mobile) is an open source, cross-platform tool designed specifically for mobile apps. Sauce Labs and Appium allows you to write your tests in any language so you can start testing quickly. Test native, hybrid or mobile web apps automatically and in parallel with Appium to reduce your testing time from hours to minutes.

Why choose Sauce Labs and Appium?

  • Cloud-based - automate your iOS and Android mobile app testing with our wide array of simulators, emulators, and real devices
  • No waiting – we have hundreds of real devices available so there is no waiting, no reservations required. Test when you are ready.
  • Boost efficiency - automate your tests and run them in parallel to dramatically reduce your test time.
  • Security - Sauce Connect, our secure TLS tunnel, ensures the privacy of your tests.

Get started with Appium and Sauce Labs today with 14-day free trial!