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With the ever-growing number and variety of mobile devices on the market today, testing your app frequently is crucial to releasing an error-free product to market on-time and on-budget. However, maintaining a mobile testing infrastructure, complete with simulators, emulators, and real devices, all with the full range of browser and OS versions available today can be prohibitively expensive. What you need is a testing service that does all that for you, integrates easily with your CI system, and is scalable for any testing volume. At Sauce Labs, we run over 1 million tests a day and can easily handle your tests on our cloud.

Sauce Labs utilizes Appium testing for mobile apps in a cloud-based testing environment that integrates with CI systems like Jenkins or Bamboo, all in an enterprise-level secure data center. Write your code in any language including Java, Python, Ruby, PHP, Node.js, or C#, and test that code with our suite of simulators, emulators, and real mobile devices to make sure your app is bug-free.

Sauce Labs has the best mobile app testing tools available, and features:

  • Automated mobile testing - test Native, Web or Hybrid mobile apps on over 80 simulators and our real devices.
  • No waiting - we have hundreds of real devices available so there is no waiting, no reservations required. Test when you are ready.
  • Secure - with Sauce Connect, our secure TLS tunnel, you can run tests and access data from behind your firewall.

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