Manual Testing

Design, Debug, and Test Web Apps Faster

Manual testing of web apps has been the tried an true way to test. You exercise the app by clicking on items and ensuring, visually, that they work as designed. However, testing those apps across an increasing number of browsers and OSes – especially when you have to consider mobile, is daunting. You just can’t keep manually testing apps and hope to cover all the platforms, browsers and OSes that you need to for a bug free app. There has to be a better way to test!

First you need to automate your tests – automating means you can make them repeatable and lets you now test on standard browser / OS combinations. We suggest you use Selenium – the open source standard for automated testing.  Then run your tests on Sauce Labs, we support the world’s largest automated test cloud for Selenium.  We support over 800 browsers, OSes and mobile combinations.  Simply point your tests at Sauce and you can run your tests automatically, in parallel in a fraction of the time it takes today.

And, we provide the analysis tools that help you pinpiont issues quickly like complete videos of every test, screenshots and logs that are simple to share with your collaborators.

Advantages of using Sauce Labs for manual testing

  • Test on over 700+ different browser / OS combinations and mobile simulators
  • Quickly see how your app performs and looks on different platforms
  • Eliminate the setup expense and maintenance tasks of supporting your own testing grid
  • Identify issues quickly with videos, screenshots and logs of every test.

With easy access to different browsers and OS combinations on the cloud, Sauce Labs helps save the time it takes to do full-blown manual testing. Try Sauce Labs today.