Jenkins Selenium

Do Your Selenium Testing in the Cloud Straight from Your Jenkins CI System

Are you looking to complete your Continuous Integration (CI) workflows by automating your functional testing? Realize the benefits of agile development and your investment in Jenkins with Sauce Labs. With Sauce Labs and Selenium you can run your tests in parallel on hundreds of different OS/browser combinations, and directly from your Jenkins CI system. You configure your tests and review results and access debugging tools all from within your Jenkins console - quick and easy.

Sauce Labs features an easy-to-use plugin for Jenkins that allows you to call and run tests directly from your Jenkins system and even view the results without ever leaving the application. Since all your tests are run in the cloud, there is no wait time and is scalable to handle even enterprise-level testing volumes. We run over a million tests a day, so there is no worries over testing time or long queues.

Why choose Sauce Labs for your Jenkins Selenium testing?

  • Sauce OnDemand plugin for Jenkins - our easy-to-use plugin makes integrating your Jenkins system a breeze
  • Test in the cloud - massive scalability and hundreds of browser/OS combos ensures complete testing coverage
  • Security - pristine VMs and Sauce Connect, our secure TLS tunnel, ensure your tests and data are secure

Get the Sauce plugin for Jenkins and start the Selenium bootcamp today!