Announcing Jenkins Continuous Integration

Jenkins is the leading Continuous Integration (CI) server.  Jenkins is crucial to a CI workflow as it lets you manage the development and testing of your apps.  Sauce Labs, the leading provider of automated functional testing in the cloud fully supports Jenkins so you can test more efficiently.  With our free Jenkins plug in, you can setup, manage and review test results right from within the Jenkins dashboard.  You almost never need to use the Sauce dashboard for reviewing tests - important for those running thousands of automated tests a day. 

Sauce Labs and Jenkins you can:

  • setup automated tests
  • manage tests, the order of tests
  • manage security settings by starting a Sauce Connect Proxy tunnel
  • review results and share with collaborators using HipChat or Slack

Let Sauce help your team perform automated testing today, get the white paper, NOW and get a jump started on your competitors today!