Javascript Unit Tests

Run Tests Across Multiple Browsers

Your testing needs to be as continuous as your development or you processes will get bogged down.  However, testing can be a challenge when JavaScript Unit is integrated with back-end code, or when mixed with HTML. You need Unit tests that are thorough, and execute fast.

Sauce Labs offers powerful, easy-to-use JavaScript unit testing tools that require no infrastructure to maintain. Your whole team can test your JavaScript on the same configuration in the cloud. Sauce provides a shortcut API for running JavaScript unit tests (like Jasmine, Qunit, Mocha, and YUI Test) on all browsers.

Why build JavaScript Unit Tests with Sauce Labs?

  • Easy Integration with CI/CD systems where the emphasis is on speed, scale, and reliability.
  • Better test coverage on more than 650 browsers and platform configurations.
  • Test securely within secure data centers on new VMs that are destroyed after every run

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