JavaScript Unit Testing

Run Secure, Automated JavaScript Unit Testing in the Cloud

Is your JavaScript testing becoming a nightmare? With back-end code integration, and mixed with HTML as inline events handlers, JavaScript testing can get very complicated, very quickly. At Sauce Labs, we've made JavaScript unit testing easy, and with available 24/7 support, we can walk you through any problems you may be having.

Making sure your app runs smoothly in any environment is vital for a good user experience; and frequent testing as part of your CI cycle is the best way to ensure that your app remains error-free. With Sauce Labs, you can run automated JavaScript unit testing on over 700 OS/browser combinations, in our secure data center.

Why Choose Sauce Labs for your JavaScript unit testing?

  • Easy Integration - run your JavaScript unit testing from any framework or test runner
  • Complete test coverage - hundreds of OS and browser combinations means you get the coverage you need
  • Security - Sauce Connect and pristine VMs ensure the security you deserve

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