Javascript Unit Test

Ensure maximum coverage of JavaScript testing

Testing early in the development cycle is crucial for creating code that doesn’t fail when you integrate the various modules. However, testing poses a huge challenge when JavaScript is integrated with back-end code and it becomes worse when it is mixed with HTML as in-line event handlers instead of using DOM API handlers. Sauce Labs JavaScript testing tools make unit testing of your JavaScript easier than ever. With no infrastructure to maintain, your entire group can test JavaScript on the same configuration in our cloud and get results fast.

Partner with Sauce Labs to gain better coverage of unit tests by running over 800+ configurations of browsers, platforms and emulators and execute the tests on the cloud.

Why Choose Sauce Labs for JavaScript Unit Testing?

  • Easily Integrate JavaScript Unit tests with any test runner framework, including Jasmine, Qunit, Mocha and YUI.
  • Complete test coverage across more than 500 browsers and OS configurations.
  • Test securely using data behind your firewall on pristine VMs that are deleted after every run.

Check out our website for tutorials if you are a novice JavaScript Unit tester.

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