Java Selenium Testing

Run Selenium Test with Java

Selenium is an open source, automated testing platform for web applications across a multitude of browsers and platforms. Developed over a decade ago, Selenium has become the standard for automated web app testing. The idea behind Selenium was to allow developers to write scripts in any language they prefer and Selenium's bindings will interpret those scripts and execute tests, automatically. This process was cutting edge at the time and cut down on tedious manual testing.

Java is a basic language used by computer programers and developers. Combining both of these elements into app testing has proven effective, simple and efficient.  With Sauce Labs, we let you use Selenium to automate your tests by writing test scripts in any language you are familiar with: Ruby, JavaScript, .NET, or even higher level languages like Cucumber. Freeing up manual testing time for development teams and allowing testing to happen on a continuous, efficient basis. 

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