Jasmine Javascript Testing

Cloud-Based, Automated Javascript Testing with Jasmine

During the development stage of your app, testing must be a continuous process to keep you informed on the state of your app, and to allow you to write code that doesn't fail when you ultimately integrate. For JavaScript, testing can be particularly challenging when it's mixed with HTML, or when it's integrated with back-end code. Therefore, you need JS Unit tests that execute quickly and yet are still thorough. Get up and running with your JavaScript testing in the cloud in 5 minutes, with Sauce Labs.

We support all JavaScript test runner frameworks including Jasmine, YUI, QUnit, and Mocha. Use Grunt-Saucelabs to run your JS Unit testing in our automated cloud environment. Our automated testing service, utilizing emulators, simulators, and real devices, that are pre-loaded with 500+ browser/OS combinations, means that your JavaScript code gets the most rigorous testing available. Finally, since we do all the maintenance and updating, you save loads of time so you can focus more on the core innovation of your product.

Why is JavaScript Unit testing with Sauce Labs your best choice?

  • Security - Sauce Connect lets you run your Unit tests from behind your firewall and from your own CI server
  • Easy Integration - we support all JavaScript test runner frameworks, including Jasmine, Mocha, YUI, and QUnit
  • Coverage - 500+ platform configurations ensures that your app will run for every user

Get a free trial and start your JavaScript Unit testing using Jasmine with Sauce Labs today!