Iphone Browser Simulator

Iphone Browser Simulator

iPhone browser simulators are simply software versions of phones that you can use to test apps on without having to use an actual device.  In order to speed your development, you want to use simulators to quickly test changes so you can instantly view results.  But with the great variety of devices out there you can't possibly support all the simulators you need,  so look to the Cloud.

In seconds, you can have Sauce Labs running tests on your responsive designs in our Cloud. Run the same set of tests on both iPhone and iPad devices using iOS versions: 7, 8, 9, 10+ and the latest beta versions.   Here's the best part: once you are setup to test, you can speed things up by running your tests in parallel and accelerate your tests by 10x. Running tests in parallel is the secret for speeding up your development process and helping you achieve a continuous integration/continuous delivery pipeline.

In addition to iPhone browser simulators, Sauce Labs offers an array of popular browsers & devices.

It's a great idea to run automated tests before each release. Some examples of tests you might run:

  • Make sure users can login.
  • Make sure visitors can make it through your funnel.
  • Make sure specific features work as expected.
  • Make sure your billing system works.

It doesn't stop at simulator testing. Sauce Labs provides access to simulators and real devices so you can test on iPhone devices near the end of your development cycle to fine tune your app.

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