Iphone Automation Testing

Automating you Iphone Testing

Testing mobile apps manually is a painfully slow process. Running hundreds or even thousands of tests manually is impossible - especially when you have to run all these tests across a variety of devices. The answer is automation. With the open source frameworks Selenium and Appium, you can test native, web and hybrid apps automatically across simulators and real devices. And, if you run these in parallel you can accelerate your testing by 10x so you can spend more time developing and less time testing.

Sauce Labs has the world's largest cloud for automated functional testing. With over 750 browsers, OSes, mobile simulators and real devices, you can run automated tests on all the browsers and OSes your customers are likely to use. The result is you have a higher quality, bug free app that can be tested 10x faster than by using manual methods.

Why not try Sauce Labs today?

  • Huge inventory - we have a large inventory of iOS and Android simulators and real devices in our cloud ready to test 24 x 7 with no waiting and no reservations needed
  • Automated testing - run your tests in parallel, automatically and accelerate your testing by 10x
  • Open Source - our cloud is optimized to run Selenium and Appium tests which are the standards in the industry
  • No maintenance - save time and the expense of keeping a Selenium grid up to day by testing on the Sauce Cloud.

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