iPhone App Testing

Simplify and Automate iPhone App Tests

iPhones have a unique set of features that provides a great user experience for your apps. However, users are very picky and if you app doesn't perform it gets deleted in hours. Therefore, developers need to run complete functional tests to ensure that it renders properly and all elements work as designed.

Sauce Labs Inc, the leading provider of cloud-based mobile and web application testing solutions, offers automated testing based on Appium for iPhones and iPads. With a unique, cloud-based, automated testing platform for both native iOS apps, mobile web and hybrid apps, Sauce provides the much-needed capabilities to ensure that quality applications are delivered to users.

Why "Appium on Sauce" makes a difference?

  • Standards based - As the major contributor to Appium we know how to run tests repeatedly and reliably on our proprietary testing cloud.
  • Test what you build- Appium doesn’t make you use an extra SDK or recompile your application , you test the very same code that is issued to the marketplace
  • Use any language – Write tests in the programming language of your choice so you don't have to change your current development processes.
  • Test web and mobile apps - Our cloud lets you test web and mobile apps at the same time, in parallel so you can test faster

To learn how to simplify and automate system tests for iOS apps - on your local machine, and when scaling up, on the Sauce Labs’ cloud platform, schedule a demo today.