iOS Testing Tools

Test Across iPhones and iPads Automatically

Your users are increasingly accessing your apps from mobile devices so you need to develop and test with a 'mobile first' attitude. But testing across even the relatively modest number of Apple devices and software versions can be a daunting task. How do you ensure you test on enough variations to ensure the quality that your users expect in the shortest time possible?

To ensure consistent performance and a great experience on the iPhone, you need iOS testing tools that can test the app across all apple software and platform variants, you need your tests to scale and you need to be able to test across all your platforms in paralle.

Sauce Labs offers a cloud-based iOS testing platform that lets you automatically test your apps across multiple devices in parallel. Using the Sauce Labs iOS testing tools, you can:

  • Write Selenium or Appium test scripts in language.
  • Test across a wide variety of simulators, emulators and real mobile devices.
  • Run automated tests across platforms, as part of your Continuous Integration (CI) process.
  • Eliminate the need to buy and maintain infrastructure.
  • Scale your testing with parallelization to run on multiple browsers and devices

Delivering video recording of every test, Sauce makes running and debugging test suites easier than ever before. Test your iPhone and iPad applications and get them to market on time, and within budget. Sign up for a free trial.