Ios Test Automation

Specializing in iOS Test Automation

iOs app development is unique and so are the testing needs.  Automated testing of iOS apps requires a testing framework that lets you exercise all the actions supported by iOS.   If you have started researching how to perform automated testing for your iOS application, you have probably noticed there are many different tools and approaches currently trending, but very few clear- cut best practices and standards for developers to follow.

Sauce Labs makes it easy to automate your iOS tests. We support Appium - the standard open source framework for automated mobile testing. Appium, based on Selenium,  supports both iOS and Android apps and includes all the mobile specific actions you need to test like pinching, tapping and rotating screens.  As a result, you can easily write your tests in Appium to mimic exactly what you would do with the app on a phone in your hand.  

Now the biggest benefit of Sauce Labs is that we maintain a huge inventory of iOS (and Android) simulators, emulators and real devices in our secure cloud for testing.  We support the infrastructure, ensureing your testing security and wipe out the simulators or clean the phones after every test so you know you are always testing the same way - every time.  

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