Ios Native App Testing

iOS Native App Testing with Appium

Want to automate testing for your native or hybrid iOS app? We’ve got you covered. Sauce Labs supports the open source, mobile automation framework called Appium, based on a subset of the Selenium API and the WebDriver JSON Wire Protocol.

Appium bridges the gap between the power of Selenium and the world of iOS app testing, making Selenium iOS testing a reality. It lets you write Selenium tests and run them on an iOS simulator on your Mac, or on a real iPhone or iPad. And, you can run your tests automatically and in parallel so that your tests suites run quickly - up to 10 times faster.  Because tests run so fast, you can now improve the quality of your apps by expanding coverage and test on more devices and OSes in less time than you've done before.  Y

In case we haven't met - to date, Sauce’s cloud-testing platform has run well over 700 million tests for a range of organizations, including the BBC,, Firefox, Yelp, and thousands of others. Download our Appium Bootcamp guide and get started on iOS automated testing today!