Ios Integration Testing

Automate Your Mobile App Testing

iOS is the most important OS to develop for because users download and use more apps, spend more money on apps and upgrade their phone OS regularly.  As a s result, integration testing is a key need for developers to ensure their mobile apps work as designed.   Sauce Labs supports the open source mobile automation framework Appium that automates the testing of native, hybrid and mobile web apps on iOs (and Android).  We provide the world's largest cloud for testing apps across simulators and real devices so you can optimize the time and costs associated with testing.  

Use Sauce Labs to

  • Speed your testing - test in parallel across a wide variety of simulators and real devices to accelerate your app delivery
  • Sauce is designed with CI / CD in mind - we have integrations with all the top CI servers so you can automate your dev process
  • Test with confidence - we spin up a new VM for every simulator test and rigorously clean our real devices so that your tests are repeatable - they always start from the same exact configuration

Get started with Sauce today by signing up for our FREE trail. Let us show you how iOS integration testing is the clear choice for the fastest most efficient app your company can create and be proud of.