IOS App Testing

Ensure Your Apps Run Flawlessly with Sauce Labs

Customers expect more from mobile apps, which is why they don't waste either time or money on ones that don't perform. As the iPhone has become the platform that devs target first, it is important that your iOS apps perform to meet high user demands.

To ensure all your users have a great experience using your app, it must be tested on several versions of iPhone and iPads, including their many software variants. Testing these apps is a slow and difficult process, often done manually by teams using physical devices. To reduce your testing time and speed your apps to market, you need a cloud-based testing platform that allows you to automatically test your apps across many devices in parallel. Get Sauce Labs.

Appium on Sauce Labs lets you natively tests iOS apps. With built-in video recording of every test, secure tunneling for running test scripts from behind firewalls, Sauce makes debugging, running, and scaling test suites easier than ever before. It supports automated functional testing using Appium and Selenium frameworks and integrates with the all the most popular CI systems.

Why Sauce Labs is the best choice for your iOS App Testing?

    • Appium on Sauce requires no setup or maintenance of iOS infrastructure
    • Tests can run in parallel, across dozens of simulators and real devices
    • Eliminate the cost and expense of hosting your own test infrastructure and devices.

To get a quick of idea of how Appium on Sauce works for your iOS App Testing, sign up for a free trial.