Implicit Waits

Understanding the Importance of Implicit Waits

At Sauce Labs, we understand the importance of fast load times and user satisfaction. Developers need to understand the difference between implicit and explicit waits when programing and writing code of app software. 

There are 2 types of waits available in Selenium:

  • explicit - wait for a certain amount of data  
  • implicit - wait for a set amount of time

Both are useful for waiting in WebDriver. When using waits, the developers are essentially writing code to tell the WebDriver to wait for a certain amount of time before going to next step.

Why are implicit waits necessary when testing with Selenium?

Sometimes, some elements takes some time to appear on software web application page when browser is loading the page. In this case, sometime your webdriver test will fail if you have not applied Implicit wait in your test case. If implicit wait is applied in your test case then web driver will wait for specified amount of time if targeted element not appears on page.  

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