Hybrid Mobile Applications

Test Your Hybrid Mobile Applications The Same Way You Test Native Apps

Testing mobile apps, native or hybrid, is essential for producing the error-free apps that mobile users expect. Since hybrid apps utilize an embedded webview with HTML, you might think they need special testing software; but with Appium and Sauce Labs you can test hybrid apps with the same protocol as native apps. Appium (Selenium for mobile) includes all the mobile gestures you need to automate your mobile tests. Use your preferred scripting language to develop your tests and run them with Appium to test across both iOS and Android devices and greatly accelerate your tests.

Sauce Labs is a cloud-based testing service that runs over a million tests every day. Run your automated (and manual) Selenium & Appium tests on Sauce in parallel and you can accelerate your test by 10x. In addition you can test your Web and native apps on our grid so you can see how your responsive apps function across all the digital devices you need to target. Test your app hundreds of emulators, simulators and real mobile devices as well as on over 700 OS/browser combos to ensure your app will work for every user.

Why choose Sauce Labs for testing your hybrid mobile applications?

  • Speed - concurrent testing in the cloud makes testing fast and easy
  • Coverage - hundreds of simulators, emulators, and real devices and 700+ OS/browser combinations ensures thorough test coverage and high app quality
  • Enterprise-ready - our cloud-based testing can scale for any size organization

Start a free 14-day trial with Sauce Labs and start your hybrid mobile applications testing today!