How To Set Up A Working Appium Test Environment

A Guide to Getting Started with Appium from Sauce Labs

Appium is an open-source framework for automating user interactions with mobile applications for the purpose of functional testing. With Appium, you can simulate user actions like filling in form fields, clicking buttons, or even gestures like swiping across the screen. By incorporating Appium testing into your application development lifecycle, you can significantly decrease the amount of time you need to fully test applications, and deploy more robust and reliable applications to your users and customers.

Sauce Labs is the leader in providing Appium testing environments, where you can test your application on emulators, simulators, and real devices, and across multiple devices at the same time.  Sauce Labs has teamed up with test automation expert Dave Haeffner to create "Getting Started with Appium," a beginner's guide to setting up Appium and creating Appium test scripts. In "Appium Bootcamp" you'll learn:

  • How set set up an Appium environment for testing iOS and Android applications on both Windows and OS X
  • How to use the Appium GUI to inspect application elements for testing
  • The basic components of every Appium script

Download "Getting Started with Appium" and learn how to accelerate your mobile application development lifecycle!