How To Do Cross Browser Testing Using Selenium

Automated Cross Browser Testing in the Cloud with Selenium

The shear number of applications being released for both Web and mobile has accelerated the need for more rapid testing prior to release. With browsers constantly being updated and new OS versions releasing regularly, ensuring your app works across all the browser, OS and device combinations that you care about, can be difficult. Traditionally, cross-browser testing meant setting up and maintaining your own Selenium grid and the time and expense associated with that.   Today, we have Selenium, the open source standard for automated testing, which enables Dev and QA teams to more easily test their applications across multiple browser and OS combinations using automation. 

For the best results, Dev and QA teams should run their automated tests across as many browsers and OS combinations as they can.  And the only way to do this effectively is in the Cloud. Sauce Labs offers the world's largest automated testing cloud for web and mobile applications using Selenium.  As the testing experts, we run over one million tests a day on our cloud.

Sauce Labs lets you do automated functional testing in the cloud. With no infrastructure, VMs, or browsers to install or maintain you can run automated tests hassle-free. Run your automated cross-browser tests on 800+ browser/OS platforms as well as mobile emulators, simulators and real devices.

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