Functional Testing Tools

Automate Your Selenium and Appium Tests

Applications must meet high quality standards or your users are going to find another app that performs the same function. With developers having to deal with different device types across a fragmented landscape of OS platforms, browsers, and inadequate testing tools - getting your applications to market on time and bug free can be a challenge. Sauce Labs’ instantly available functional test cloud supports testing in parallel to reduce time and get your apps to market faster.

The Sauce Labs cloud-based platform helps developers securely test applications across over 700 browser/OS platforms and mobile devices.  Our cloud is optimized to run Selenium and Appium tests at scale so you can speed your testing.

With Sauce Labs you can:

  • Eliminate the hassle of setting up and maintaining an in-house test grid.
  • Quickly troubleshoot issues using videos, screenshots and logs.
  • Run Selenium and Appium tests written in your preferred scripting language.
  • Scale testing to isolate defects sooner in the development cycle and reduce time to market.

Enable your developers to detect bugs faster and release higher quality software more quickly, with Sauce Labs. Sign up for a free trial today.