Enterprise Mobile Application Development

Get the Scalability You Need for Enterprise App Testing

Is the constant testing of your enterprise mobile apps getting frustrating with outdated legacy tools, old OS and browser versions, and limited emulators and real devices to test on? Has your organization reached the point where maintaining in-house testing infrastructure is just too expensive and time-consuming? In today's development environment, enterprise testing solutions need to be: massively scalable to handle tens of thousands of tests a day, able test on any platform with all the latest OS and browser versions, and run those tests concurrently to cut testing time from hours to minutes. At Sauce Labs we have the most secure, reliable testing infrastructure, flexible user management, and top-notch customer service for your enterprise needs.

At Sauce Labs we utilize a cloud-based platform that integrates directly with CI systems like Bamboo, Jenkins, and Visual Studio, for enhanced workflows. Sauce Connect, our secure firewall tunneling technology, allows you to test staged apps while retaining control of proxy and policies. At Sauce Labs, test on iOS and Android real devices, emulators and simulators to confirm that your app works on all the devices your customers use.

Why is Sauce Labs the best choice for enterprise level app testing?

  • Speed - concurrent, cloud-based testing drastically shortens the testing cycle.
  • Coverage - quickly test your business logic on emulators then fine tune your tests on our real devices.
  • Professional Services - our PS team can train you to develop Selenium or Appium tests or even writes tests for you.
  • Training and Customer Service - expert training gets you up and running quickly, and 24/7 support keeps you going strong.

Start your 14-day free trial, and let Sauce Labs show you how enterprise level app testing should be!