Improve Devops Success With Sauce Labs

DevOps is all about quicker, more frequent, and higher quality releases. Considering the limitations of traditional waterfall approaches, continuous integration (CI) is the key to adopting a successful DevOps approach to app development. Sauce Labs cloud-based testing technology lies at the heart of the DevOps and continuous integration (CI) movement in application lifecycle management.

Sauce Labs offers the most secure, reliable solution for automating functional testing for web and mobile apps. With Sauce Labs, you dramatically reduce your test times making continuous integration and delivery a simple and painless process for software teams.

Based on the acclaimed Selenium and Appium open-source frameworks, our cloud testing platform enables modern organizations to bring quality applications to market faster and more cost-effectively.

Why choose Sauce Labs?

  • The Sauce Labs virtualized testing infrastructure platform allows customers to perform parallel testing across a wide range of browser-platform permutations while benefiting from the security and integrity of its virtualized environment.
  • Each virtual machine is newly spun up and created for each testing instance, customers can rest assured that their tests are run on clean VMs with no residual data or temp files from previous tests that might cause false positives.
  • Sauce Labs has APIs for the most common CI servers to help accelerate build and release cycles from within your CI environment.

Learn how Sauce Labs can help cut down on testing time through automation, and improve DevOp success. Sign up for a free trial today.