Cross Browser Testing Tools

For Faster Debugging and Quicker Release Cycles

As you develop your website, you need to test it on the most important browsers that your users view it on.  Manual testing the same code time and again across many different browsers can be a very tedious and time consuming task. To reduce your testing time and release better apps, your organization needs to automate your cross-browser testing. Sauce Labs has over 800 browser and OS combinations ready for testing in our secure, private cloud. Sauce leverages Selenium and Appium, both open source frameworks to run tests in parallel, automatically so you can reduce your testing time from hours to minutes.

With Sauce Labs you can eliminate the pain of maintaining a test infrastructure while testing on more browsers, speeding your app to market.

Simplify cross browser testing process with Sauce Labs

  • Test on over 800 browser and OS combinations using Selenium or Appium
  • Write test scripts in your preferred language so you can focus on your app - not learning a new language for testing.
  • Eliminate bugs faster using video and screenshots of each step
  • Remove test infrastructure headaches with access to all the browser / operating system

To learn more about how automated cross browser testing can accelerate your development, sign up for a free trial.