Cross Browser Testing Selenium

Get Automated Selenium Testing for Web Apps

Are you looking for top quality automated Selenium testing service for your web app? Selenium is the standard for automated testing; it's an open source framework that can be used to run tests written in virtually any language. Sure, you can setup your own Selenium test grid, but then you have to maintain it and update all those browsers and OSes. At Sauce Labs, we've eliminated the hassles of Selenium testing for you! Now you can run your Selenium tests from your own CI system, get full reports and videos of every test, and it's completely scalable to handle any testing volume.

Since Sauce Labs maintains a full Selenium grid infrastructure, complete with all the latest browser and OS versions, you can save money by focussing on app development. We are constantly updating and expanding our coverage of 700+ browser and OS combinations so you can be sure you are testing on what your users run.

Why choose Sauce Labs?

  • Selenium tests - run automated tests on 700+ OS/browser combinations in our secure data center
  • Full test reports - complete with Selenium and console logs, metadata, videos, and screenshots to quickly identify and fix any bugs
  • Save time and money - let us maintain your testing infrastructure and free your devs time for other core tasks
  • Scalable - from garage to enterprise, we can accommodate any testing volume

Download our Selenium Bootcamp whitepage and see how to start your Selenium testing today!