Cross Browser Testing Online

Better Quality Apps With Reduced Testing Time

Cross browser testing is important for development teams to understand how their apps will render on multiple browsers and OSs. All browsers have their own set of features and compatibility requirements despite having set web standards. With so many different versions of browsers, it is a challenge to test your apps on all of them. Automate your cross browser testing online to ensure better quality apps, while reducing the testing time with Sauce labs.

The leader in cloud-based web and mobile application testing, Sauce Labs offers a number of diagnostic tools including videos and logs of your tests. This helps you identify and quickly correct your code and get your apps to market faster.

You can automatically run tests in parallel and shorten your testing time from hours to minutes.

Why Sauce labs for cross browser testing online?

  • Compatible with tests written in any language and framework
  • Full diagnostic tools - Get a full report of your test run with videos, metadata and console logs
  • Securely run tests in our data center on new VMs, which are destroyed after each test run, ensuring security of data

Instantly perform cross browser testing online on over 700 browsers and OS platforms. Want to explore Sauce Labs cross browser testing capability? Sign up for a free trial.