Cross Browser Testing

Reduce Testing Time with Automated Cross Browser Testing

In order to understand how an app will render on multiple browsers and OSes, cross browser testing is vital. Despite having set web standards, each browser has its own set of features and compatibility requirements. With a variety of different versions of OSes and browsers, it's a challenge to test your apps on them all. With automated Selenium and Appium testing, Sauce Labs speeds your online cross browser testing, ensuring better quality apps.

Sauce Labs is the leader in cloud-based web and mobile app testing, offering a number of diagnostic tools of your tests, including videos and logs. These essential tools help you identify and correct your code with speed and agility to get your apps to market faster.

Automatically run tests, concurrently, to shrink your testing time from hours to minutes. Instantly perform cross browser testing, in the cloud, on over 650 browser/OS platform combinations.

Why choose Sauce Labs for cross browser testing?

  • Great compatibility - create and run your tests in any programming language and framework
  • Full diagnostic tools - complete reports of your tests with videos, metadata, and console logs
  • Security - run your tests on new VMs, which are wiped clean after each test run, ensuring the security of your data

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