Cross Browser Test Online

Ensure Cross Browser Compatibility With Online Selenium Testing

Manually testing your web and mobile apps on all the possible browser/OS combos is incredibly time-consuming, and if you don't have the latest browser versions or don't test on all of them, you leave your app prone to errors. What you need is automated testing on all the different platforms that your users run, with the latest versions, in a secure data center, to ensure your app is market-ready and on schedule. The most cost-effective and efficient way to do this is to run automated testing in the cloud with Sauce Labs.

Using the power of Selenium and Appium in our secure, cloud-based data center, Sauce Labs runs your tests concurrently to drastically cut testing time without sacrificing coverage. We maintain our virtual machines (VMs) with all of the latest browser and OS versions, over 700 total combinations, to make sure that your app is thoroughly tested before release. And with Sauce Connect, our secure firewall tunneling technology, you can run all of your tests from your own CI system.

Why choose Sauce Labs for your cross browser testing?

  • Coverage - we have all of the popular web and mobile browsers to make sure your app is bug-free
  • Write tests in any language - write your app in whatever language you are most familiar with to start testing quickly
  • Secure - with Sauce Connect and pristine VMs, your data is secure and no residual data is ever left behind
  • Enterprise ready - scalable concurrent testing can handle even the biggest organizations

Start your cross browser testing today with a free 14-day trial!