Cross Browser Test

Run Automated Cross Browser Tests In the Cloud

Testing your web and mobile apps manually is time-consuming and can be the longest step in your release process. You could set up a testing grid in-house, but maintaining it and making sure you have the latest browser and OS versions is expensive. Let Sauce Labs do all the work of maintaining a cutting edge testing grid, and you can focus on innovating the new features your customers want.

Sauce Labs utilizes Selenium and Appium to provide scalable automated testing to ensure your app works in any environment. We maintain the latest browser and OS versions, over 700 combinations, so you can rest assured that your app will be error-free for all your users. Because we utilize a cloud-based platform that easily integrates with your CI system, you can run parallel tests and reduce your test time by 16x. Our VM's are destroyed after every run so your data isn't exposed to future sessions, and Sauce Connect, our secure firewall tunneling technology, ensures your security.

The Sauce Labs advantage includes:

  • Immediate access - our cloud-based, scalable, secure testing platforms are always ready to go
  • Reduced testing time - run your automated tests in parallel to reduce test times by 16x
  • No infrastructure - we maintain on-demand VMs, emulators, simulators, and real devices so you don't have to
  • Complete security - the highest level security is ensured with Sauce Connect and CI integration

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