Cross Browser Support

Sauce Labs - For Comprehensive Selenium Testing

Despite the existence of web standards, they are implemented differently by each of the browsers - so your app will render slightly differently in each one. Some are exclusively compatible with certain operating systems, while some boast features they claim others lack, like privacy mode and auto-updating.  This is why cross-browser testing is so difficult and time consuming, there are just so many different versions of browsers that it's tough to test your app on all of them.

Sauce Labs allows you to run tests in the cloud on over 650 different browser platforms and devices. With no VM setup or maintenance required, Sauce lets you step through your apps manually for careful inspection or test automatically at scale.

Why choose Sauce Labs?

Sauce Labs offers pristine VMs for every test, a wide selection of debugging tools, video and screenshot capture and automated testing. You get:

  • Over 650 browser and OS combinations that you can access on demand for automated testing.
  • Full report with the metadata and log files.
  • Videos and screenshots of tests to diagnose errors and verify layouts.

Eliminate your testing infrastructure and test faster on Sauce Labs. Sign up for a free trial today.