Cross Browser Parallel Testing

Cross Browser Parallel Testing

Cross-browser compatibility testing is a critical stage in the development process that helps detect unnoticed errors across a variety of different browsers and operating systems. Traditionally, cross-browser testing meant maintaining your own set of test images and firing up each one to test your website manually, this was time-consuming and error-prone process. Many developers overcame this by setting up their own automated test grids, but that still resulted in errors. 

At Sauce Labs, we encourage cross browser parallel testing. Benefits include:

  • Test faster
  • Detect problems sooner
  • Pushing to production more often with confidence in your application
  • Increase browser coverage and app quality in the same test time

Making sure your apps render properly on all the possible combinations of browsers and operating systems is a difficult and time consuming task, especially if you are still doing your cross browser testing manually. Automate the process of testing your apps in parallel across multiple browsers with Sauce Labs.

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